A Boy Wonder

18 - 22 March at 7pm
Ticket Prices: $15 - $18
Purchase tickets at: http://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2014/mar/a-boy-wonder


A Boy Wonder is the fantastical, heart-warming and rambunctious comedy adventure about a friendship between two scouts and their heroic journey to save everything they have sworn to protect. Scout’s honour has a new meaning…

Welcome to small town New Zealand in the late 90s. The local take-out legend, Jimmy’s Pies is under attack by the villainous Charlie Slaughter, an entrepreneurial cut-throat douche-bag who will do anything in his power to take down the little man - Jimmy (or ‘Scout Leader Jim’). This epic battle spans a decade until the great recession of 2007 where heroes will either prevail or meet there demise amongst the cries of unemployment and rebellion.

This is a story of friendship, honour and stupid knots – all of which are crucial if our two heroes are to succeed in taking down Slaughter in the final battle that with save or destroy our great nation, our Queen and scouting forever!

From the co-creator of comedy theatre hits Bombs Away! A Musical, Feel Felt Found and Green Room comes a one hour comedy adventure that will make you laugh, cry and learn absolutely nothing about scouting!

Actor and theatre-maker Ryan Richards (seen recently in Gwen in Purgatory and A Basement Christmas Carol) has created his first side-splittingly ridiculous one man show!
Think Chekhov, Shakespeare and Wilde… now think the complete opposite… then times that by 100… you there yet? Yes, A Boy Wonder will be downright silly and bizarre - but if you enjoy an ongoing escapist laugh, a heart-warming kiwi story and an action-packed adventure then you’ll find just what you are looking for in A Boy Wonder!

“The hilarious script… can only be described as absurd, uplifting, full of life and the height of silliness.” – Theatrescenes (Bombs Away! A Musical)

A Boy Wonder stars just Ryan Richards (playing a tapestry of delightful characters) and is directed by the talented actor/writer/director Nic Sampson (writer for TV3’s Jono and Ben at Ten).