Alice Brine

16 - 20 May at 7PM
Ticket Prices: $16 - $22
Purchase tickets at:

No One Puts Briney In The Corner

The 'legit funny as' Alice Brine, is back for another Comedy Fest!

Google the word 'frenetic,' and that's basically Brine in a nutshell. Hilarious and insightful observations, delivered in an uncontrolled way, leaving the audience in stitches. There’s a strong chance of tangents... and you being pulled into her weird world.

No one is putting Briney in the corner. She’ll be driving this chaotic rollercoaster and you’ll have the time of your life.

As seen on 7Days, AotearoHa, Huffington Post & all over the internets.

“One of the biggest and most eye-opening mic drops there ever was.” –

SHOW INFO: Age restriction R15. Occasional language.

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