Art Exhibition: Inside Mirrors

25 March - 20 June 2015 at Opening 25 Mar
Ticket Prices: Free in Foyer

Surfaces are intelligent; absorbent. Moments and memories collect on the canvas.

This collection of bulky, puckered skins and delicate puddles of introspection articulate a sense of being; through them we feel the presence of the artist. Maker and object speak in unison: I am here. Emotion and human experience are pulled into the physical realm, rendered on board, on cloth, in cardboard. The interior is made tangible, and we glimpse the artist-at-work , the artist-in-thought, in grounds both fleshy and scant. Vulnerable. Raw. Real. We breathe in the same room as they hang, and the fog blurs boundaries of self - we are dared to recognise our own gaze, reflected in the unblinking whites of painted eyes. The paintings remind us we exist.

Featuring selected works from the Wallace Arts Trust collection, curated by Jordan Davey-Emms. Jordan is currently completing her third year of a BFA at Elam School of Fine Arts, she is interested in process-based practice, looking at ephemerality and the life of a site.

Opening event: Wednesday March 25th, from 5.30pm (all welcome)