ATC Next Big Thing Festival

15 - 30 July at
Ticket Prices: Three show pass:$35 - $45
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This year Auckland Theatre Company’s dynamic 12-night festival of new talent features live music, new writing and fresh stories in a season of faith, love and revolution involving over 60 young performers, creators and crew.


15 - 30 JUL. 6PM. STUDIO

What will you fight to the death for? This wild beast of a show brings together an ensemble of next generation performers to explore, protest and revolt in a mash up that is part riot, part call to action. Directed by Ahi Karunaharan and devised with the cast.


15 - 30 JUL. 7:30PM. THEATRE.

Throwback to that time in the 90’s when we were BFFLs in our band Angels and we even played in nightclubs until your Dad the Pastor caught us sneaking out of Church and then you hated on me so I hated on you - so many regrets… and now I’m like… fame or faith?! By Tanya Muagututi’a and Joy Vaele, directed by Bronwyn Bradley.


15 - 30 JUL. 9PM. THEATRE.

Full-fem writing team? Check. Mix-tape of songs that changed our lives? Check. Hot live band? Check. BRAVADO! is a bold new musical experience. You will wish this was the soundtrack to your life. By Frith Horan, Natasha Hoyland, Beanie Maryse-Ridler and Billie Staples. Directed by Naomi Cohen with creative direction by Benjamin Henson and supported by live band Galaxy Bear.