Atlas/Mountains/Dead Butterflies

27 September - 12 October 2013 at 8.30pm
Ticket Prices: $20.00Both shows - $25 (under 25s) or $30
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By Joseph Harper Directed by Amelia Reid and Shadon Meredith

Rhys and Phoebe live together at 10 Stencil Terrace, where their tap is dripping. Rhys wants to do something. Phoebe doesn’t. Together and apart, they’re shaken into action/inaction as Atlas buckles under the weight of the world. Activists, statues, plumbers, and hundreds of millions of dead butterflies fall into their lives as they wait for it to snow, and the taps go drip, drip, drip.

“Atlas/Mountains/Dead Butterflies articulates an internal battle that is going on in a lot of young people's minds as they come to terms with how they can save and care for a world that sometimes doesn't seem to want to care for them.” – Theatreview (Wellington Y&H)

We won't drown, as long as we keep climbing.

Atlas/Mountains/Dead Butterflies plays as part of Young and Hungry with Dragonlore.