Between the Sheets

19 November - 30 November 2013 at 8pm2pm (Saturday 23 November)
Ticket Prices: $24-$27
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Power suit-wearing Marion is late to her 7 year old son Alex’s parent-teacher interview. Teresa is Alex’s teacher, dedicated to her students... and harbouring secrets. In an age of helicopter parenting versus full-time daycare; where coffee groups remain a battleground as much as the boardroom; where having it all might not be worth having after all, a child’s classroom becomes the setting for a charged unraveling of adult relationships. Between the Sheets is the premiere work from Canadian writer Jordi Mand, a taut examination of modern femininity and not to be missed.

With Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Beth Allen Directed by Sophie Roberts Design by Jane Hakaraia

Presented by Royale Productions and The Large Group