Blessed Union

29-31 May 2013 at 8.30pm
Ticket Prices: $15
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'To tell you the truth, my mind is already buzzing with ideas. What if we put all the female waiting staff into those pointed hat things with the veil attached?' Written by Thomas Sainsbury Performed by Lee Smith-Gibbons Directed by Jessica Joy Wood

Seth and Bronwyn, two computer nerds, are about to tie the knot. The theme for the wedding is medieval. Third cousin and ex-alcoholic, Julia Christine, is in charge of catering, venue-hireage and the troll-shaped cake. Butch Matty is in charge of the stag do, the strippers and getting the groom blotto. And sister of the bride, Veronica, is in charge of looking after Granny... And destroying her sister's special day...

Written by Thomas Sainsbury - Super City, Dinner with the Devil and Terror Island, and performed by Lee Smith Gibbons ' Super City, Timeslow, Apollo 13: Mission Control, comes a solo show about love, hate and shandies.