23 - 27 September at 8pm120min
Ticket Prices: Adult: $20 Concession: $15
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Big brother is watching!!!---Mass surveillance—True or just another conspiracy theory?

And if mass surveillance is big brothers aim why not  implant A BUG in peoples bodies, the ultimate transmitter designed to  replicate and invade every human being on the planet.

And if it was you they were experimenting on, how far would you be prepared to go to stop it?

Lonely cocktail waitress Agnes lives in a seedy motel room, hiding from her violent ex-con ex-husband Jerry Goss. Her lesbian friend R.C. introduces her to Peter, a psychologically disturbed Gulf War veteran beginning an involvement that becomes increasingly paranoid as it spirals out of control.

PLEASE NOTE: Seats are unallocated, so we recommend coming early to get a good one. Also, 90% of the time we cannot accommodate late comers as entry is often directly onto the stage.