Carnival of Souls

3 October 2012 at 8.30pm
Ticket Prices: $50
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A conversation between film, theatre, live music and sound design Created and compsed by Leon Radojkovic Directed by Oliver Driver Produced by Jumpboard Productions

An intimate lounge style presentation at Basement Theatre

Premiering at the 2011 Auckland Arts Festival in the Mercury and Civic Theatres, Live Live Cinema: Carnival of Souls has toured Australia and New Zealand and will be heading to Dunedin, Nelson and Frankfurt after this performance.

Live Cinema - Live Theatre - Live Music - Live Sound Effects

A stunning black and white horror film ahead of its time, a seven piece band including members of Dr Collossus play a fully re-imagined soundtrack. Charlie McDermott, Bronwyn Bradley, Fern Sutherland and Cameron Rhodes re-create and lip synch the on-screen actors, and one daring foley artist masters every sound effect, all live on stage.

Praised for its stunning cinematography and dreamy surreal atmosphere Carnival of Souls is the best film you've never seen.

This event is a tribute to a gentleman who is sorely missed. Ben Stockwell looked after the audio production from the onset. He passed away in April. This production would not have been possible without him. Ticketing proceeds will go to his young family.

“The soundtrack, effects and live dialogue is impeccable.” - The West Australian

"Exhilarating" - NZ Herald

"The hit of the festival" - Radio New Zealand

"Totally engaging and entertaining" The National Business Review

"Masterpiece" - Taranaki Daily News