22-24 April at 8pm - Doorsales only

FINGERPRINTS & TEETH ProductionsPresents the premiere of:

CHUB A black comedy Written & Directed by Thomas Sainsbury ‘I tried to purge before but I just can’t. No gag reflex.’

Ann Van Veen is morbidly obese and living/hiding in her unit on Tainui Street. Stacey Ruapongi is her anorexic carer with a penchant for cosmetic surgery.

Together they come up with the best/kinkiest idea to make money and make all their dreams come true.

Performed by Janelle Bish, Steven Anthony Maxwell and Roberto Nascimento.

Thomas Sainsbury is one of New Zealand’s most popular and prolific playwrights, gaining considerable attention and praise in the past few years for productions of his dark comedies in New Zealand, USA, Australia and London. His plays include Sunday Roast, LUV, The Mall, Loser, Beast, The Christmas Monologues, Joseph and Mahina, A Krazy Kristmas and Crims. He has previously been selected three times for Playmarket’s New Zealand Young Playwrights Competition. The Mall, Loser and The Christmas Monologues have been published by The Play Press. Thomas’s debut TV show, the award-winning comedy Super City, aired on TV3 last year. "To say Thomas Sainsbury is an exciting new talent in New Zealand theatre is an understatement. He's the most challenging, down-to-earth, funny and refreshingly unsettling playwright/director I've come across in years. He's also a powerhouse of productivity … " Sian Robertson "Thomas Sainsbury is a remarkable talent … clearly blessed - or cursed? - with a compulsion to make plays ... his score of plays written and produced is into double figures … I can see him fast becoming a classic playwright of his generation ..."Theatreview