Close City

6 - 17 Sep at 6.30pmStudio
Ticket Prices: $15 - $24
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Dreaming is beautiful, perhaps even healthy. But there comes an age when dreaming becomes dangerous. Unrealised dreams can swell and crush your life. That’s what happened to Svante and Annika from “Close City”. It is a phantasmagorical absurd comedy drama.

Written by award-winning Lithuanian playwright Marius Ivaskevicius, directed by Lithuanian theatre director Egle Simkeviciute Kulvelis and performed by local artists: Sheena Irving, Jeff Szusterman, Thomas Sainsbury, Emma Newborn, Daniel Watterson and Lucy Suttor.

Read the interview with director Egle Simkeviciute Kulvelis now on our blog.

R16 - Contains sexual and violent themes.

Latecomers cannot be admitted.