Creative Mornings: The Silo Theatre

31 October at 8 - 9.30am
Ticket Prices: Free with registration (limited seats available)
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CreativeMornings Auckland is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types in Auckland, New Zealand. Each event is free, includes a 20min talk + coffee!

This month at The Basement, as part of the current crossover series:

Crossover occurs in our personal and professional lives perhaps more often than we care to think. It can be exciting, invigorating, messy and unsettling or downright nerve wracking, and we’re tackling the theme head on this month with our two speakers.

Delving into the world of Auckland theatre, we’re focusing on the crossover in Artistic Directorship that occurred at Silo Theatre in April this year.

Over the past decade or so, Shane has transformed Silo into one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed theatre companies. With Shane stepping down in December 2013, Sophie officially took over the creative force of the company in 2014. The few months in-between saw the two working to make the crossover as seamless as possible. Firmly grabbing the theatre reins, Sophie is now leading company on a new journey as she implements a new focus and a new direction.

Sharing some similarities in training and focus, Shane and Sophie have both been through Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School, and are highly regarded actors, producers, directors and playwrights. They’ve also been said to share similar concerns about the state of New Zealand theatre and the need for theatre companies, like Silo, to pour energy and resources into the development of Auckland theatre-makers. That said, Shane and Sophie offer different energies, priorities, passions and skills, which will form part of our conversation this month.

The conversation will be crossing over to the audience too, so come along to share your own questions, ideas and insights.