Death By Cheerleader

14 - 17 September 2011 at 8.00pm
Ticket Prices: $18 - $20
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This 2011 Rugby World Cup it’s not just the boys who are performing.... Watch out WORLD!

Meet the CheerBlacks! Jessica, Lucy and Dakota are three passionate, patriotic dancers with varying degrees of cheer-ability- but what they lack in skill they make up for with their enthusiasm and dedication. Their hard work pays off when they win the chance to cheer for the All Blacks at the Rugby World Cup, 2015 Dubai!

With their nation’s hopes and dreams held tightly in their manicured hands they embark on the biggest adventure of their lives. But after a night of Dubai debauchery they wake to find All Black golden boy Tane has mysteriously disappeared... Hair and trust is torn, nails and hearts are broken, spray tans and secrets are revealed as team loyalty disintegrates. How will they prove their innocence and claim their rightfully earned spot backing their boys in the world cup final? Will all their dreams come crashing down?

Death By Cheerleader is a cheeky, ballsy, comedic romp that will leave you with a spring in your step and a large grin smeared across your face. The tried and true combo of comedy, drama and upbeat choreography (and a rare insight into the secret life of cheerleaders!) ensures Death by Cheerleader is a night out not to be missed!

September 2011 would be nothing without a show about rugby. And whether or not you give a damn about rugby, you’ll give a damn if you miss one of the highlights of this year!

Warning: Contains offensive language and nudity! And a lot of cheer!