Double Bill: You Are My B.O & Substance

22-26 May 2012 at 7pm
Ticket Prices: $20
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SubstanceTake a hit, find out who your friends really are.

Nat and Greer share an impossible dream: to break free from their mundane lives and get to New York. They'll do anything; take anything, to escape reality. But ignoring the truth isn't going to get them anywhere and life for both girls is about to become anything but mundane. With Nat's boyfriend Jason's drug dealing and the entrance of Greer's slick new boyfriend Bryce stirring things up, will the girls' already fraught friendship survive? One thing's for sure; when the stakes are this high, someone has to bite the bullet.

You Are My B.O. When your hero calls, act normal.

Barack Obama, tomato plants and tending to an overbearing mother make up the pattern of Desiree Murchison’s existence. Physically venturing past the walls of her cramped home was replaced many years ago with a connection to the outside world via Sky TV and the internet. When the new lodger Ben moves in Desiree is unable to ignore the similarities he bears to her hero B.O., and embarks on her own campaign to get to know him. Ben, for reasons of his own, must keep to himself and go unnoticed. The question is can he ever do enough to keep his secret, and will Desiree ever persuade Ben to sit down for a piece of cake, a cup of tea and a chat?