Extreme Makeover: Basement Edition

Ends 7/12/2012 at 24/7
Ticket Prices: pledgeme.co.nz/basement
Purchase tickets at: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/589

About Extreme Makeover: Basement Edition! The Basement has come a long way, during the past five years the team behind this little theatre that could has struggled and strived to create a space for artists and audiences that is unlike any other in New Zealand.

We have improved our venue heaps, we've added another performance space, air conditioning, dressing rooms, a toilet, a shower, more toilets (they may not be sexy but they are kinda important). We've also increased our funding and next year will open as a risk share venue where we accept a percentage of box office instead of charging a rental to use the space.

In keeping with this brave new era in the Basement's history we reckon that it's time our long neglected foyer got a bit of TLC. We also want to soundproof the theatre properly so that all you lovely people in the foyer don't suddenly become off stage characters in the play on stage.

We have wanted to fix it up for ages but all of those other things just seemed a lot more important, but its time has come!

Help us put some love back into our place!

We are looking to do all this wonderful stuff in January of 2013 so that it will be ready in time for the Auckland Fringe Festival.

This is about much more than us having a fancy new foyer, it's about creating a place that our artists and audiences can feel comfortable and excited about coming to. It's about continuing to make our place, your place.

So go on, pledge. We dare you xx

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