12 -16 August at 8pm
Ticket Prices: $22-$25
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Families hurt each other. That’s what they do best.

Mum is washing pills down with vodka. Nana is cutting up the family photos. And Dad has done something unforgivable.

When Grace discovers her husband is having an affair with her daughter, she must confront the truth and do what it takes to fix her family for their son.

Intense, darkly comic, peppered with ferocious verbal duels and electrifying reveals, Fix explores a contemporary blended family and questions unconditional love.

"Jess Sayer's ability to lead the (audience) down the garden path and allow them to think they’ve got it all figured out, then flip things beyond their expectations, is a truly masterful skill for a playwright." - Theatreview

Fix was the winner of a Playmarket Award in 2012.

Starring Elizabeth Hawthorne (Outrageous Fortune, Other Desert Cities), Nicola Kawana (Shortland Street), Andrew Laing (Underbelly NZ), Hanelle Harris (Orphans and Kingdoms) and Ryan Dulieu (Agent Anna)

Directed by Sam Snedden