FLAPS Retouched

28 Mar - 8 April at 8pmTheatre
Ticket Prices: $16 - $20
Purchase tickets at: https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2017/mar/flaps-retouched

FLAPS Retouched


After a SELL OUT 2016 season, our FLAPS are back.

Did you know if your nipples are brown, you're good at oral sex? And there is nowhere near as much grip in a pair of no-panty-line panties as there is in the pubic hair between your thighs?

Bits and Pieces Ensemble presents FLAPS Retouched, a visceral piece of theatre exploring the way badass vagina-laden humans experience the world.

FLAPS was birthed from a desire to find more space for women in theatre and a need to collaborate with as many female creative artists as possible. This fanny-tingling piece of devised theatre is back and c**t be missed.

The shit you read. The shit you bleed. We aren't afraid to yell VAGINA when the lights go out.


Please note:  Contains nudity and offensive language.

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