31 March - 4 April at 7pm (Running time 50 mins)
Ticket Prices: Adults $18 Conc $15
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In the best New Zealand suburb, five of the best of friends each host five birthday parties, all celebrating what a wonderful thing it is to live lives like theirs. As they wallow in joyous disregard of the problems of others, or even each other, it becomes clear that there are some problems that cannot be solved with wine, presents and small talk. Fold is a biting and witty satire of wealth and privilege, set in our own backyard, by award-winning New Zealand playwright Jo Randerson.

"I don't care if it's got AIDS or cancer or is starving to death in a gas chamber - I'm having a party".

Directed by Jessica Jeffries. Starring Alex Ellis, Ben Truman, Cliff Robinson, Emily Jackson and Niwa Whatuira