Free Happiness

2 - 6 August at 6.30pm
Ticket Prices: $20
Purchase tickets at:

An exchange: money for things, things for value in use. Watch your spending grow, or use money to create more and walk right out the door with it. Personal increase in wealth assured.

Free Happiness is a performance experience that creates a tailored economy. Buy your ticket for $20 and receive twenty-one $1 coins in return. Over the next 90 minutes the artists will do all they can to win back, re circulate, account for, waste, value and devalue your money.

Brought to you by Future Hotel (Nisha Madhan & Stephen Bain) whose acts of public intervention alter all known futures.

Participation is mandatory.

2nd August // Economically Irresponsible Night

3rd August // Arts Administrators and Accountants Night

4th August // Changemakers and Trail Blazers Night

5th August // Student Debt and Mortgagees Night

6th August // Non-Comformists Night