Friends & Strangers (Art Exhibition)

12 February - 19 April 2014 at Gallery open 5.30pm (Tues-Sat)
Ticket Prices: N/A

Featuring works from The Wallace Arts Trust collection and local artists Cairo Bean, Deus, Gasp, Haunt One and Wert159. Opening: 12th Feb, with support from DJ Keegan Fepuelai from #jusayin

Enter social networks and blogging platforms and the proliferation of image and meme recycling. We have all become collectors and curators of digital content. Sharing works from the James Wallace collection, we are influenced by our own online habits of collecting, archiving and circulating. Using the Trust's online archive to trawl through over 6,000 artworks collected since the mid 1960's, the method of selecting works was akin to the highly subjective manner in which we elect online content worthy of sharing.

The chosen works have been taken out of context and forced together, like the arbitrary composition of an image blog. Amalgamated together in a new context, the relationship between these artworks offers a discussion on relevancy and image consumption. Graffiti and street art is proposed as a tangible medium similar to an online circulation of ideas. Walls are written on with personal ideas, but the audience is endless. In both platforms, the audience is present without the creator or viewers knowledge.

Friends and Strangers is the inaugural exhibition of the curatorial programme at Basement Theatre.