15 - 19 February at 8:00pm
Ticket Prices: Adult: $20.00Concession: $15.00 Cheap Wednesday (limited available): $10 Cheap Wednesday (limited available): $15
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Fine Fatale Presents: F’ YOU!


Amanaki Prescott-Faletau

Sandy Vukalokalo

Valentino Maliko

Gabrielle Halatoa

Tekeepa Aria


Fine Fatale Productions


Phylesha Brown-Acton

Fine Fatale Productions presents a confronting theatre piece of five solo performances reflecting the lived realities of Fakaleiti, Fa’afafine, Fakafifine and Takataapui.

Physical theatre, dance and music fused together to question thinking, to open minds and to mould hearts!

They gather to share their stories, tales not aligned with the rest of the worlds thinking.

Not viewed as “common” but there is normality to their stories.

Their normality is not bound by difference until confronted by YOU, US, WE - the world!

What is difference? Is there difference?

Stories of difference told by 5 courageous HUMAN BEINGS.

YOU, US, WE………….them.

60 min

Latecomers cannot be admitted.