Ghastlydash Grimm: A Tale Of Unease

28 October - 1 November at 7.30pm& MIDNIGHT, Fri 31 October, Hallows Eve extra show. 50 min
Ticket Prices: Adult: $18 Concession: $14
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There is a tapping, a rapping at the door...

Enter an intriguing world where nothing is what it seems and darkness cannot be trusted, as we descend into the pulp-fiction depths of Hitchcock-style horror, in this twisting mystery of scare-filled suspense.
Join the team behind Titus, and the box office smash Earnest, in an intimate storytelling world of fiendish fun - complete with a special midnight performance on Old Hallows Eve... if you dare!

Shhhh keep very still and we might just find out who's there at the door...

Directed by Benjamin Henson
and starring...
Eli Matthewson, Emma Newborn, Jason Hodzelmans, Jordan Mooney, Naomi Cohen, Paul Lewis & Phoebe Mason