Gravity Hotel

28 May - 1 June 2013 at 8pm+ 10pm Thursday and Friday
Ticket Prices: $19-$24
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GRAVITY HOTEL is a self styled anti-musical that brings together physical theatre, imagery and music in an intriguing cabaret-like ride.

Our heroine wakes up soaked to the bone and trapped in an old dilapidated hotel. Perplexing and absurd guests and staff inhabit a world under the dark power of an all-seeing MC. In order to leave, our heroine must find a way to piece together her story and confront this malevolent force. Part dream, part nightmare, GRAVITY HOTEL is a dark comedic journey full of suspense through one dark night of the soul. Check in at your peril.

Devised by a knock out cast of performers with original live music by Sally Stockwell, and fresh from Red Leap Theatre Company's 'Short Works' - GRAVITY HOTEL promises to take you on a journey into the unknown. Provoking and delightfully creepy!

DEVISING CAST- Julia Croft, Renee Lyons, Lisa Greenfield, Kate Bartlett, Sally Stockwell MUSICIANS - Robin Kelly, Jonathan Burgess DIRECTION and MUSIC - Sally Stockwell