How We Tessellate

25 - 28 May at 8pm
Ticket Prices: Adult $17Concession $15 Cheap Wednesday $13 Groups of 4+ $14
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Mea Tau. Weapon.

Craftsmanship, masculinity, forging, skill. Both life-granting and life-taking, bringing connection to our place in this earth. What will your hands bring to these weapons? Considered physicality, thoughtful introspection, technological experimentation. Parallelograms are basic geometric shapes- cells that stand alone yet will always tessellate.

Politigrams and individualate. The contemporary dance double bill with hands, head, feet, ribs, and a bunch of projectors.

We bring you the developmental season of How We Tessellate.

Mea Tau choreographed by Elijah Kennar; and performed by Sione Fatua, Villa Lemanu, Leighton Rangi, Taitanyk Toniu

Drumpf choreographed by Kerryanne Mayhew and Renee Richards; and performed by Renee Richards, Emma Cosgrave, Alex Henry, Tokelau Akama, Kisha September, Amelia Chong.

6o min

Latecomers cannot be admitted.