In Flagrante

12 – 22 October 2011 at 10.30pm
Ticket Prices: All tickets $40
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Caught in the Act. In Flagrante is acclaimed choreographer MaryJane O'Reilly's modern and beautifully deviant take on the burlesque revival; 6 exquisite dancers caught in the act with a fetish for leather, nudity in public and a wild equestrian spirit.

Structured into 11 short pieces set to the music of quirky Austrian cabaret group Waldeck, In Flagrante displays MaryJane's cryptic eye for comedic and satiric juxtaposition. This is a heady, exhilarating and very sexy romp through some deliciously dark territory.

Production: MaryJane O'Reilly, Phil O'Reilly, Peter Styles Choreographer: MaryJane O'Reilly Design: Phil O'Reilly Lighting design: Brad Gledhill Costumes: Elizabeth Whiting Performance: Shanelle Lenehan, Maria Munkowits, Megan Smith, Amanda McFarlane, Lara Fishel-Chisholm, Lucy Miles.

R18, contains nudity