Inviting Caroline

24-28 July 2012 at 7pm
Ticket Prices: $15
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CAROLINE slept with CHRIS who's pestering HILLARY who’s friends with FIONA who tolerates SEBASTIAN who’s bugging SCOTT who's starting to wonder if Inviting Caroline was a really BAD IDEA. You're invited to the party...

This naughty little New Zealand comedy deconstructs the hedonistic party lifestyle within a group of friends, exploring their various social quirks and bad behavior.

Cocktails, Caroline and catastrophe. It's the perfect party.

Premiering at 'the 4Seasons Festival', Inviting Caroline's Auckland premiere features a stellar cast - Ben Van Lier, Ben Legg, Junior Misimoa, Lisa Sorensen, Amelia Reynolds and Kat Glass as Caroline. Directed by Chris Tan and produced by Kristin Burns, this fast paced, action packed script by Ross MacLeod is a future kiwi classic.

"A nutty, clever view of the classic Kiwi party, with all the sexual whimsies and social expectations of a group of inexplicable mates, Ross MacLeod’s play is a must for a younger audience." Gail Pittaway - Waikato Times

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