Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe

16-20 July 2013 at 7pm
Ticket Prices: $15-$20
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Thousands of years in the future, the crew of the Time-ship Mayflower, need a hero yesterday!Enter Keanu Reeves - less cool-breeze-over-the-mountains / more solar-wind-between-the-ears.

Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe is a twisted, bawdy, silly, romp through your favorite science fiction tales where time isn’t the only thing that’s warped! This raucous, irreverent satire illegally marries The Matrix with Star Trek, Star Wars and all things Keanu. What happens next is… well… lots of stuff.

Direct (via Borg storage) from New York’s off-off Broadway P.I.T theatre, Keanu Reeves Saves The Universe boldly goes where it’s never been before - New Zealand. Writer/director Rob Reese is transporting himself down-under at warp speed to engineer the premiere! (

Oooh… and epic space sound-track transmission promo here:

STARRING: Bennett Conran, Sateki Finau-Baas, Natalie Beran, Aimee Gestro, Cassie Baker, Jim Cawthorn, Ida Barklund, Barry Duffield, David Mackie, Gina Timberlake

DIRECTION: Rob Reese and Jennifer Burland

Fight Direction: Michael Hurst Sound: Jason Evans Lighting: Beren Allen Costumes: Troy Garton Design: Natalie Beran