6 - 13 September at 7:30pm
Ticket Prices: $15-$20Both shows $30
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The Town Centre presents genre-defying, anarchic and party fueled hour in which 4 performers lie, cheat and run gleefully into the face of failure.  LIES is a deliberately unstable world of theatrical discord and pure play.

It breaks every rule of the theatre ....” - Theatreview

BOTH SHOWS COMBO - See this, and The Town Centre’s other show WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME? on the same night for only $30.

The Town Centre is a cult of deconstructionist theatre makers who specialize in breaking apart theatrical spaces, bridging holes between performers and audiences and building stories like houses of cards then smashing them all to pieces.

They are fascinated with Failure.

This is not traditional theatre, but instead, a team of traditionally trained artists navigating new ways of vying for the audience’s trust and affections.

A Town Centre show is a party. It’s an elaborate rouse to get you in the same room as them. Because they think you’re sexy and it’s just not as fun with out you.

See the shows that people claim "ruins all other theatre" and call "exhilarating, inspiring and brilliant."

Performance: Julia Croft, Lara Fischel-Chisholm, Simon Haren and Ash Jones.
Direction: Nisha Madhan
Design: Stephen Bain

PLEASE NOTE: Seats are unallocated, so we recommend coming early to get a good one. Also, 90% of the time we cannot accommodate late comers as entry is often directly onto the stage.