Little Histories of the Life Ordinary

20 -24 March 2012 at 8pm
Ticket Prices: $15-$20
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Dear Frankie,Have you been to space yet? In the future do they have x ray sunglasses? Today I read that snails can live to 40 years old. I bet Gonzalez is an old man now. Today I read that astronauts who go into space come back to earth younger than when they left. Will you come visit me when you go to space? Kapow! Frankie

Dear Frankie, No and No. Yes, Gonzalez is still alive and well. He particularly enjoys the cabbages. Today was slower than usual and my television has trouble turning on. This concerns me. I will see you soon I am sure… and look after your teeth. Sincerely, Frankie.

Devised and performed by Sam Bunkall (Romeo and Juliet, Dog Sees God, Glorious) Josephine Stewart-Tewhiu (Pitman Painters, Ruby Tuesday, Chalk) Julia Croft (Paper Sky, The Keepers, Bliss) and Alisha Lawrie-Paul (Short and Sweet, Trivial Pursuits) and mentored by Sophie Roberts (I Love You Bro, Dog Sees God, Broken China, Wolf’s Lair). Design by Ella Mizrahi and Celia Harrison (Art in the Dark).

Messy, chaotic, surreal and darkly funny. This show will twist your imagination, like cheese eaten right before bedtime.