Live Reel: The Labyrinth

20 April at 8.30pm
Ticket Prices: Free - Spaces are limited, book now!
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Live Reel presents
The Labyrinth: A live script reading event

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, Live Reel is bringing The Labyrinth to The Basement for one night only! Join our cast of readers as they hit you with all your favourite lines with no rehearsal - just a script in hand.

"I wish the goblins would come and take you away.. right now!!"

Check out our amazing line-up of readers this month:

+ Jacinda Ardern: Sarah

+ Rhys Mathewson: Hoggle

+ Nicko Vella: Jareth

+ Chelsea McEwan Millar: Sir Didymus, The worm, The Junk Lady

+ Hadley Taylor: Characters galore (door knockers, fieries, bird hat, helping hands, dog guards, etc)

+ Naomi Cohen: Characters even more galore (old man, dog guards, fieries, stepmother, etc)

Live Reel is a monthly live script reading which sees a rotating cast of actors, comedians, and special guests read classic movie scripts aloud. Like us on Facebook to be the first to hear our movie announcements each month.

80 min

Latecomers cannot be admitted.