Loving Kurt Vonnegut

August 18 - 29 at 8pm4pm Matinee 22/8
Ticket Prices: Adult: $25 Concession: $20 Tuesday Preview: $12.50 !!SPECIAL!! Cheap Wednesday (limited quantity!): $19
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Famous writer Colin Freeman and his girlfriend Alice set out to write the last great novel. A simple premise; themselves as characters and an unwitting stranger enticed into their web to act as protagonist. Enter Casey, a disillusioned young man, between relationships, looking for a way forward. But when these writers go off-script and their method writing unravels, it becomes very unclear who is using whom, and where this ménage is headed.

A love story as strange as any other, in this sunset chapter where three become two, on a collision course with destiny to the final full stop.

Written by Gary Stalker and directed by Paul Gittens.

Cast: David Aston, Damien Avery, and Anthea Hill.