Mind Reader

21-25 August 2012 at 7pm
Ticket Prices: $15-$20
Purchase tickets at: http://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2012/aug/robert-haley-mind-reader

Robert Haley is a Mentalist and uses the term 'mind reader' with tongue in cheek. He is not psychic but employs devious techniques from various fields to make it look like he is. MIND READER is interactive and all about fun, so don't worry, your naughty little secrets are safe with him!

Robert will use suggestion, honed observation skills and amazing memory techniques to create something you have never seen before.

Come laugh, gasp and wonder at this unique and highly entertaining experience.

What the critics are saying:

"Robert Haley is impressive whether you're a skeptic or a believer" - Dominion Post

"You'd be mentalist as anything to miss this show" - MX Newspaper Melbourne

"I left Haley's show amazed baffled in awe" - BEAT Melbourne

"Refreshing, exciting and maybe actually magic" - Theatreview

"Genuinely impressive feats of 'mind-reading' and memory" - Wordonthestreet