Mouth to Mouth: The Basement's Spoken Word Fest

1 - 5 April at
Ticket Prices: Price varies per show
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Give the kiss of life to your poetic soul and inhale The Basement’s Spoken Word Fest, Mouth to Mouth. We’ll be going full Baywatch and rescuing your lyrical heart with rhythmic rhymes from the best of Auckland’s spoken word scene. We have four heart-stopping performances; Savage Plantation, Real Fake White Dirt, Chewing your Ears and Theoradical Hobohemians featuring Shane Hollands, Jess Holly Bates and Grace Taylor. So head to The Basement and fill your lungs with a week of sweet sweet poetry.

Smash out your imaginative side and send in an acrostic poem of SPOKEN WORD to and be in the draw to win a pass to the festival.

Event Times and Dates

Tuesday: Theoradical Hobohemians, 8pm

Wednesday: Savage Plantation, 8pm

Thursday- Saturday: Real Fake White Dirt, 7pm

Saturday: Chewing Your Ears, 8.30pm