Moving Stationery

5-8 March 2013 at 5.30pm
Ticket Prices: $15-$18
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Fresh from performing at the New York Clown Theatre Festival, Moving Stationery is a multi-award winning physical comedy solo from New Zealander Thom Monckton and Finnish clown company Kallo Collective. Thom’s character Sigmund, the bewildered recipient of a new office job, is a bundle of comedy wrapped up in a ridiculous amount of error and a tight-fitting cardigan. He desperately attempts to defend himself against his own mistakes and at the same time eat lunch and fulfil his responsibilities. The show combines object and body manipulation, clown technique, and imagery to create a visual and energetic piece of physical comedy in a style of its own. Winner of 3 New Zealand Fringe Festival Awards 2012 including Best of Fringe, Moving Stationery is an energetic piece of wordless and absurd comedy. This contemporary clown solo will hit you like an overdose of wasabi.