Mr. Sackman

Sun 24 February & Sun 3 & Sun 10 March 2013 at 4.00pm
Ticket Prices: $5-$18
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Mister Sackman back in town! A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the wondroulistic master mind from the other world. A rare occasion to dive into a fab-the-wig-wag-bag of mystericals and surprisicals. Mr. Sackman takes us on a chaotic journey about truth, hope and personal freedom and peace. It's a surreal take on life and all its riddles and tragedies. Reality and fiction blend in and out with the "window into the other world" in the centre of attention. It's a magical story of surprise and coincidences.

A 7-piece band orchestrates the soundtrack to this bizarre fairytale, inspired by the likes of Italian composer legend Morricone and krautrockers Can.

Blending multiple genres, "Mr. Sackman" draws from Monty Python slapstick and Twin Peaks mystery with a touch of Wizard of Oz classiness.