Ollie is a Martian

3 - 7 June at 7pm
Ticket Prices: $14 - $18
Purchase tickets at: http://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2014/jun/ollie-is-a-martian

Theatre Beating presents

Ollie Is A Martian

An Existential Love Poem told with beauty, simplicity and idiocy.

Performed by Oliver Cox.  Directed by Barnie Duncan.

"There are many different worlds.  Many different galaxies.  Many different Universes. And many, many different creatures." - Ollie Is A Martian

After leaving his home on the delinquent red planet, a martian called Ollie arrives on Earth. It is wonderful! But why is he here? Moon hopping through the world Ollie asks the big questions about life, love and the universe.

Ollie Is a Martian is an existential tale of an outsider searching to find his place in the human world.  Through physical comedy, solar systematic design, and playful, observant humour, this simple story of an alien far away from his home will charm and delight even the most cynical of earth humans.

Ollie Is A Martian is co-written, designed and directed by Ollie’s uncle, actor, musician and comedian Barnie Duncan (Constantinople, Calypso Nights, ...Him).

With a deep familial tie of clown-based storytelling between its creators, Ollie Is A Martian is ready to set your heart in orbit during it’s galactic full length debut.