One Man Guy: Dirty American Decade

12-16 March 2013 at 6.30pm
Ticket Prices: $15-$18
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(A musical in one act featuring one performer and one guitar.) The day he heard 'Ring Of Fire' Christchurch boy Jon Fitzgerald Henry vowed he would one day write and sing songs for a living. And marry one of Johnny Cash's daughters.

Years later, headed for Nashville, Tennessee, Henry got lost on US Interstate 57. He wandered in the wilderness, from Illinois to North Carolina to Louisiana to Missouri to California, running up bar tabs and writing songs. For ten long, solitary years he suffered for his art.

Now it's your turn...

DIRTY AMERICAN DECADE is a travelogue in original song, a one-person comedy musical written and performed by Jon Pheloung. It is the unofficial sequel to his 1991 musical, ONE MAN GUY.