Out Of Our Heads

9 - 13 September at 6:30pm
Ticket Prices: Adults: $20Concession: $15
Purchase tickets at: http://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2014/sep/out-of-our-heads

"Write whatever comes into your heads" they said. So we did.

Journey with us through time, space, and reality; from muddy trenches to far away worlds. Tales of stolen lives, broken hearts, love triangles, bad morals and robots. An eclectic collection of plays, hooked out of the collective grey matter of Gary Henderson's Graduate Writing Studio - for your cerebral pleasure.

The Graduate Studio is a collection of Auckland based writers, aiming to build a strong group for new theatre. The pieces are a great pick 'n' mix of comedy and drama spread over five nights. See programme for details.

PLEASE NOTE: Seats are unallocated, so we recommend coming early to get a good one. Also, 90% of the time we cannot accommodate late comers as entry is often directly onto the stage.

Ashes and Mud - by Korina Tuahine

It’s 1915 and England is at war. As the world learns the true cost of glory, four young Maori from rural New Zealand will each pay their own price.

The King, the Queen and the Servant - by Cath Harkins

Something is rotten in the kingdom. The servant is on the look out, the King is ill and the Queen is desperate to reveal her secret.

Farewell to the Master - by Marie Moodie (based on a short story by Harry Bates)

Tortured and imprisoned as a museum exhibition, the alien robot stands guard over his fallen companion. Emily, an ambitious photo journalist, tries to expose the truth behind the story but an unlikely adversary stands in her way.

Rapunzel’s Enormous Problem - by James Russell

High in her designer tower, Rapunzel is utterly bored and fed up with royal life, captivity, day time television and insane rumours about an embarrassing hair growth condition. Now she has an enormous problem – Prince Philip.

Dumped - by Tracey Sharp

Leilani, a young Samoan girl, decides to break with tradition and date an Indian boy she works with – unfortunately she has neglected to tell her ex-. The result is a love triangle with cultural complications, and each must decide where their loyalty lies.

The Sum of Us - by Anna Harding

Raised in a world of competitions and moral elitism, Ophelia's most important performance is the one she's least prepared for, as her natural mother and adoptive parents fight to keep hold of their daughter.

Adrift - by Anna Harding

Dragged from the sea, Lulu discovers a world that is twisted out of all recognition. While her delinquent rescuer, Maps, struggles to trust the only human she's encountered since her mother disappeared.