Performance Salon Week #1

21 - 25 Feb at 6 - 10pmthe Salon
Ticket Prices: $5 Pay-on-entry $20 Pre-reserve (limited available)
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Our Studio is transformed into a Performance Salon – think Moulin Rouge at the beach – where works of all kinds will pop up around you as you lounge, drink, and explore. It's like a big party and a place of discovery all in one – performances are tested and evolved as you wander, observe, and partake.

Something is always on, and music, projection, and activities fill in the gaps between performances. Come and go as you please!

Creators Whetu and Komako Silver (HINE) reboot the sell-out Matariki festival show with KOHINE, celebrating the sacredness of women through ceremony, dance, and waiata. LITTLE SISTER is a contemporary re-imagining of the Russian ballet Petrouchka. Alice attempts to re-stage this classic piece with whatever resources at hand: every night, a different show. An intimate experiment brought to life through puppetry and patchy memories. Created by Alice Canton (ORANGUTAN; WHITE/OTHER).

Amber Liberté and Jasmine Donald playfully investigate the connecting tissue between science, dance and theatre in GUT TUG, calling into question the brain-gut connection. We're having a slumber party and YOU'RE invited! Cuddle up and join us in bed as we spin the bottle, tell your fortune, get deep and meaningful, and share WAY too much information. Each night is a unique performance as you get to decide what stories are told and what games are played. A new devised work by fresh, young New Zealand talent, PILLOW TALK is a glimpse into vulnerability, intimacy and other things we keep under the covers.PERFORMED by Tessa Rao, MUSIC by Adam Ogle, DIRECTED by Natasha Lay, DEVISED by the company.

Hypnotic drones and fetish moans call you to listen, emote, and move freely in Samih Zai’s ZAIA. Ash Jones and Arlo Gibson bring us SKYLOVING, an adventure through relationships and the barriers we put between each other, personified though two men using Skype. 
Edwin Beats, Andy Manning 
and Hamish Macgregor perform NUMBER TWO, a short-form poetic cabaret indulging the quarter-life self-involvement of an obnoxiously insecure, white, straight, cis male.