Play Me Deadly

1-4 March 2012 at 7pm
Ticket Prices: $20
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Rebels & Robots Productions PresentsPLAY ME DEADLY!

Directed by Thomas Sainsbury Written by Louis Mendiola

Mystery! Murder! Mayhem!

When a forgotten movie star turns up dead, private detective Richard Marlowe has to follow all possible clues to uncover the mystery behind the movie star’s death. During his investigation he will cross paths with the likes of B-grade film director Ed Wood, buxom TV star Vampira, as well as the mysterious Russian inventor Leon Theremin and his ethereal music. A web of mystery, murder and mayhem, PLAY ME DEADLY! will take you on a journey into a world of music, monsters, aliens, washed out movie stars and classic Golden Age Hollywood.

It's the attack of the invisible thing! Now presented in AURAL-VISION!

The Director: Thomas Sainsbury is one of New Zealand’s most popular and prolific playwrights, gaining considerable attention and praise in the past few years for productions of his dark comedies in New Zealand, USA, Australia and London. His plays include Sunday Roast, LUV, The Mall, Loser, The Christmas Monologues and Crims. He has previously been selected three times for Playmarket’s New Zealand Young Playwrights Competition. The Mall, Loser and The Christmas Monologues have been published by The Play Press. Thomas’s debut TV show, the observational comedy, Super City, has been nominated for 3 Aotearoa TV & Film Awards, including Best Series and Best Writing.

The Writer: Louis Mendiola is an experienced writer having worked in the TV and Film industry in the U.S. as well as directing and producing several short films screened all over the world. This is his third work in theatre, having debuted in 2011 with a couple of monologues for Tom Sainsbury's Monologues series.

The Actors: Sam Bunkall, Roberto Nascimento & Liesha Ward-Knox