Read Raw

Wednesday 20 November at 5.30pm

The Basement is proud to present in association with Auckland Playwrights’ Collective READ RAW. Read Raw is a series of rehearsed playreadings once a month of a new New Zealand play. Next is....

Leaving Wonderland

by Heidi North-Bailey

Everyone you meet has a story. No one enters your life without reason. What happens when two worlds collide? Aspiring writer, Kyra, and party girl, Alice, two young New Zealanders, meet on a chance encounter in a dingy hostel in London, and over an evening they strike up an intense friendship. Strangers, or are they?

A psychological drama asking the questions: Who can we blame? What does anger make us into? And what does guilt make us capable of?

Director: Matt Baker Cast: Aimee Gestro, Jess Sayer

Share your thoughts with the writer, director and actors after the reading.

All welcome.

Entry is free, a small koha would be appreciated.

The Auckland Playwrights Collective have been presenting Read Raw for over 6 years. Read Raw focuses on the writer’s development process ensuring that the workshop, public reading and discussion session is a positive experience providing the writer with the necessary support and feedback to complete a new draft of their play and work towards a professional production.

Do you have a script? Are you an actor who would like to be part of developing a new play? Would you like updates of upcoming readings?

Give them an email already...

If you would like to submit your script please include the cast size, the genre, a short synopsis (2-3 sentences be sure to include beginning, middle, end), your target audience and the full length script.