Relational Perception

26 August - 20 November at
Ticket Prices: FREE

An art exhibition in the Basement bar curated by Casey Carsel with works from the James Wallace Art Collection.

The action of perceiving an artwork transforms it from a static piece of history to a dynamic living object. With simple gestures, surface begins to give way to construction. As the viewer moves and lives, the art moves and lives too. One can empathise and connect because the paintings react. They breathe with the community that participates in their performance.

When the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture opened their salon exhibitions to the entire public, art usually kept for a few became available to all. At The Basement, where a diverse community gathers, the installation echoes when art became something everyone shared in. A salon hang is not each piece, but a family - a collective in which the individual reveals truths about the whole.

Alongside the exhibited Wallace Arts Trust Collection artworks, throughout the bar is a sculpture series by the curator. In this interactive element, the art becomes fully located alongside patrons. Knocked around, noticed and unnoticed, the sculptures exist off the wall with you, permeating another dimension of perception, interaction and affection, continually created and re-created as they move through real space.


The pamphlet accompanying this exhibition has been left with many blank spaces. The viewer is encouraged to write in the spaces, claiming his or her own perspective of the artworks and how they function collectively. Perception is not didactic; it is personal. It can be shared and compared. By these pamphlets, a story has the opportunity to turn into a conversation.