5 August - 31 October at

An exhibition of works from The James Wallace Arts Trust

Curated by Tim Vickers

Fire, blood, danger, and love. These are just a few of our associations with the colour red. Red is regarded as the most powerful colour in many cultures. In China it represents good luck and fortune. In other cultures it represents danger and evil. Red is fairly consistent in meaning over the majority of cultures and ages. Most commonly red is the colour of blood and therefore seen as the colour of life.

Red naturally has an illusion of coming forward to the human eye and captures attention. Fire engines are red for this reason. As for the woman in the red dress across the bar...

So what happens when an art work is hung on a red wall? Does it alter your perception of a certain work of art? Does it become challenged or complimented?

RendeRED is a collection of works selected with the idea of the red wall being an integral part of the work. The focus is on each of the individual artwork’s relationship with the red wall, and the communication between the works as a whole.

Tim Vickers is an Auckland based artist who is a recent Elam School of Fine Arts graduate.

List of Works:

Andrew Topp, ‘Oi!’ (Let the Penny Drop) 2009, Oil on canvas

Ben Webb, ‘Monoprint’ 1995, Monoprint

Angus De Lange, ‘Painting No. 2694’ 1994, Oil on canvas

Trish Campbell, ‘Bask’ 2011, Opalescent acrylic, fluorescent lights, gel

Roberta Thornley, ‘Bottle’ 2009, Archival pigment ink photograph on Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk paper

Andre Hemer, ‘New Smart Object #70’ 2013, Acrylic and pigment on canvas

Paddy O’Rourke, ‘Jack of Spades’ 2010, Photogram on resin coated paper

Peter Roche, ‘Untitled’ (From the Bloodlines series) 2002, Spun Aluminium, Vinyl & Enamel on Glass

 Special thanks to:

The James Wallace Arts Trust

Ben Abdale-Weir

The Basement Theatre