Rethink Possible Worlds with The Literatti

20-21 April 2012 at April 20th - 8pmApril 21st - 6pm
Ticket Prices: $10 Doorsales only

The story of the Maze of life is still unfolding & after sellout shows last year with the support of a 2011 Rethink Grant, The Literatti are now bringing back Possible Worlds for an encore performance.

But, don't think we're just doing the same thing again...

Introducing 'The New Worlds': four new emerging poets bring their voice and style to the show. These voices come from a broad range of backgrounds from Rising Voices and The Library Bar to South Auckland Poets Collective and the streets of Auckland.

And this time there is the visual spectacle of our newest innovation, The Time Machine - an interactive moving image installation piece that allows the performer to interact with the visual display created by Literatti for the Splore Festival.

Possible Worlds brings Emerging and established talents from five different creative fields together in a one hour collaborative display that is sure to leave even the most cynical amongst us uplifted.

The Literatti has been collaborating with dancers from Etched Dance Productions, and live musicians John McNabb and Paul Williams to create reTHiNK Possible Worlds, a multimedia theatre show that explores the function of madness as an attempt to live in and understand the world around us.

Dance, poetry, film, visual art and music are interwoven to tell the story of eight characters as they navigate their way out of madness and rethink their possible worlds.

Poets : the New Worlds by A Fighter - Marina Alefosio A Rogue - Sali Namwinga An Adventurer - Michelle Bolton A Maverick - Chris Mcmurray

Possible Worlds by A Searcher - Miriam Barr A Thinker - Daniel Larsen A Visionary - Shane Hollands A Seer - Christian Jensen A Rebel - Jai MacDonald A Translator - Maddy King & the Time Machine by Dan Breton

The Inventors: Musicians John McNab: Saxophone, Guitar, Paul Williams: Cello, Guitar, Percussion