Riding in cars with (Mostly Straight) Boys

13-15 Feb 2014 at 6pm7.30pm
Ticket Prices: koha only

“I love you. In a gay way. As a friend. But also in a gay way. I love you both ways.”

Kyle is an everyday young gay guy: Over-neurotic, over-enthusiastic and over falling in love with straight guys. Or so he thinks, until the object of his affections turns out to be not as straight as Kyle thought he was.

Riding in Cars with (Mostly Straight) Boys is just your average gay-straight bromantic comedy with a twist; it’s in a car in a carpark near you! Written by award-winning playwright Sam Brooks (Mab’s Room, Queen, Another Dead Fag) and starring Dan Veint (Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song) and Calum Gittins (Hamlet), the audience is invited into the action as we see Kyle and his relationships play out in real-time in and around the cars of his youth. It’s an hour of hilarity, heartbreak and homosexuality, coming to Wellington Fringe and Auckland Pride!

To book email: smokelabours@gmail.com