Risky Quizness

Fri 3 February at 6.30PM
Ticket Prices: Table of 6: $30
Purchase tickets at: https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2017/feb/risky-quizness

Take those old records off the shelf; Basement Pub Quiz is back!

Feat: Brendon Green! Live music from Rodney from Good Shirt and, of course, drinking!

Show tickets, bar tabs and glory up for grabs, along with spot prizes for the best Thomas Cruise Mapother IV costume.

So, don’t wait! This is no time to stop and sniff the magnolias. It’s time to be a Maverick, jump the couch, and grab a cocktail, It’s time to handle the truth, channel your inner top gun and ring in the days of thunder.

Will you win? It’ll be a mission, but we figure it’s possible.