12 - 15 November at 7.30pm60 min
Ticket Prices: Adults: $18 Concession: $15

Thursday artistRY fundraising prices: Adult: $23 Concession: $20
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Off the back of Hermione's UN speech and opinion pieces on whether women's clothing has decent enough pockets for the new iPhone comes SEP ARATE – a dance theatre double-bill by Lydia Zanetti and val smith.

Defined as 'Basic Info' on Facebook, gender is only just beginning to be understood as more than a ‘tick one of two’ identity. In a world where Facebook has banned second identities and trans celebrity Laverne Cox is covergirl for Time magazine, traditional definitions of ‘gender’ have started to stretch and transform in the public eye. SEP ARATE returns this hot topic to its purported site of origin – the body.

SEP ARATE is spearheading a queer conversation in the arts, inviting audiences into exciting new terrains with humour and possibility. The result is both thought provoking and hilarious, embracing a hybrid of contemporary dance, site specific live art, installation and theatre. SEP ARATE is an unmissable and dynamic set of queer question marks to hang your hat on.

Note:  Proceeds from ticket sales on Thursday, November 13th support  artistRY as part of Rainbow Youth. Concession tickets $20.