Smoky Quartz Does Turkish

30 Aug - 3 Sep at 6.30pmStudio
Ticket Prices: $15 - $20
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Meet Turkish.

Is he the worst man in Britain?

We want you to decide.

You are invited to join the jury.

Prosecution will have you believe he is the devil incarnate but what do the ghosts of his victims say and who exactly is the prosecutor so desperate to tear this man down?

Does she have a few skeletons of her own in that suitcase she carries around with her like an appendage?

Come and join us for an evening of musical mayhem, dark humour, wild dancing, puppetry, magic and hopefully a little bit of romance...

Created by Jessica Robinson, directed by Ahi Karunaharan with musical direction by Andy Manning.

Read our interview with Jess on her inspiration for Smoky Quartz now on our blog.

55 min

Latecomers welcome after first song.