Speak Easy

25-29 September 2012 at 8pm
Ticket Prices: $15
Purchase tickets at: http://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2012/sep/speakeasy

Fingerprints and Teeth Presents . . .SPEAKEASY

‘ I don’t think another drink will make me feel any better . . .

Oh, all right then. But make it a small one.’ Written and performed by Stephanie Johnson, Andrea Kelland and Thomas Sainsbury.

A speakeasy is a saloon or club where the illegal alcohol ran as freely as people’s tongues. Three of Auckland’s theatre and literary veterans have brought together seven short tales of confessions and vices, desperation and obsession.

“I walked along the street wondering if I could prostitute myself. I was like ‘hey boys’ to a car driving past thinking they might want me for fifty bucks. They yelled at me and threw a can at my face.”