Spring Season

Sep - Nov 2016 at
Ticket Prices: $25 and under

This spring at Basement we are turning the absurdity dial all the way up to aubergine with an insane line-up of shows that will leave you questioning not only what you’ve just seen, but the very fabric of reality itself. As the days grow longer your grasp on the material world will slip away while you immerse yourself in our world of silent mermaids, friendly cacti, anthropomorphic bullets and certaurean art snobs. But who doesn’t want to live in a world where the angsty teens only speak in iambic pentameter and Robert-Frost-loving punk barbarians run the show? Alongside special programming for the International Cabaret Festival, Art Week and Mental Health Week you'll never be without a place to get your super artsy, ever fartsy fix. So come one, come all, embrace the ID, spring is here at Basement and weird and wonderful theatre is in full bloom.

Download the full Spring Brochure 2016